How to get coin master free spins

Coin Master, I’m sure you heard about it or saw someone playing this game, maybe you tried it too but found it too hard to get coin master free spins, but don’t worry as we will tell you exactly what to do.

Nowadays most of our friends keep playing coin master.

It is a lovely game but it is hard to keep up with coins and spins.

Coin master free spins website will give you exactly that, free spins and coins every day.

Tonight’s lesson we’re going to be looking at how to get free spins in the new event in 2020.

I’d appreciate if you could like and subscribe and all that good stuff check out our playlist ith over 170 tutorials on coin master and also if you aren’t, you could become a member to help out the website and also get perks on features for yourself.

Of course you can see we’re getting 50 spins for free straight away just by getting one of these criteria so we’re gonna check out what that is right now.

This is for raids only so just bear that in mind and yeah so we’re just gonna go for it and we’re good try get this 50 spins straight away.

Last night they were actually giving out 100 spins for free. If you take a live stream you’ll have probably seen that, but you know, so we did manage to claim that, fortunately and of course we’re doing a live stream tonight hopefully.

If we don’t use up too many of these spins and we’ll finish off the rest of spins cause basically we just been down 1,500 so far.

Say if you actually count the live streams that’s what we’re doing then we just go down by quite a lot of spins and we just keep going to keep going to have until we got none left.

So yeah I decided to make this post first so we don’t have no spins left in the end to carry on with, we’re gonna try to get as 50 spins and basically we’re gonna see what we can get about spins that we’ve got and hopefully we’ll be able to get some free spins in coin master.

Of course that is the intention of the post but if we don’t do that i’m sorry but of course there are over 170 videos which basically we have done it in the past.

We’ve done it in multiple videos on the past so if you wanna check out one of them you can see from there as well but yeah we are sure.

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