Top 5 Most Addictive Online Games part two!

Part one is HERE!

Number two!
Final Fantasy 14 game director Yoshi P, and his team at Square Enix not only dropped one of their best expansions yet with shadow bringers, but they were able to introduce a slew of big quality-of-life updates that improve the experiences for new and old players. Aside from the typical patches you see with every MMO Final Fantasy 14 was able to add in a new unique job, a Final Fantasy 15 crossover event and new postgame content in collaboration with near automata. This year Square Enix is live stream updates the community fan events, final fantasy xiv is a great contender for the best ongoing game ever.
But it is time for our number one.

With over 15 years of content updates spending across seven expansion packs, there’s no denying that World of Warcraft is one of the largest and most popular MMORPG s out there. Wow created an MMORPG world set in the Warcraft universe, that man is to take the old MMO formula and transform it into something that was more accessible to all types of players and it worked. Nowadays WoW is played by millions of people who have fallen in love with its world characters, lore gameplay systems and it’s fantastic raids that have all been built up over these past 15 years. Plus with WoW classic being a gateway for folks to crave blizzards first. More than our core version of the game there’s a version of WoW for every kind of player, past and present managing to pave the way for all others after it, and also become an influence for many entries on this list. World of warcraft reigns as our number one and it’s well-deserved pulling back the curtain.

For a second I have to be honest narrowing this down to 5 entries was incredibly difficult so I wanted to let you know about a few games that were incredibly close to making the list, like Minecraft which continues to keep things fresh with regular updates and chill co-op gameplay, GTA 5 which always has someone watching the no pixel mod community.

The latest role-playing antics in Magic the Gathering arena, one of my personal favorites which is starting to give hearthstone a run for its money, of course, there are plenty more excellent games that could have made a top twenty like diablo three path of Exile warframe, or rocket League all of which have created amazing communities to keep their game worlds exciting interesting and may even be on your own list of addicting games.

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