Top 5 Most Addictive Online Games part one!

Every year a flood of new games enter our libraries, and some managed to become entries we can’t stop going back to. Even years after they’ve been released we can’t rip ourselves away, these are games that regularly give us reasons to keep playing, be it because of excellent developer support, post-release content or regular patches to the base formula that only seem to keep improving the product or changing it in interesting ways to prove they can stand the test of time. Our entries were all released before 2019 sorry apex and have continued to be successful for years. So join us in celebrating the top 5 most addicting online games.

Number five!
Well the competitive landscape for our snow may be a bit stale, but if you played for five years you can’t forget that the other modes in hearthstone keep the game great over time. Hearthstone has amassed a surprisingly large single-player experience. Hearthstone is nearing 10 unique single-player experiences that offer fresh alternatives to its standard gameplay. Of course if you’re the type who still prefers a competitive side of things, the newly announced hearthstone battlegrounds auto battler mode has captured the attention of the game’s most prominent players and appears to have introduced a much-needed change to the competitive landscape. Magic the Gathering maybe the newest kid on the block but there’s something special about hearthstone that keeps us coming back years later.

Number four!
League of Legends continues to fulfill the niche of being one of the most accessible games to the greater PC audience, while also having the depth of play that keeps players coming back for more. Critically a free-to-play first model anyone with a half-decent computer could download League and play one of the 146 distinct champions in five d5 combat. It’s a game that requires teamwork skill expression and game knowledge. All players work hand-in-hand to try to capture victory. The league community also remains extremely vibrant, the game developers do a great job tweaking the game every so often to prevent the meta from being stale. Because of this you’re always feeling like you are playing something new.

Number three!
Well yet still fundamentally sound, dota2 is a satisfyingly complex game. Not only are there well over a hundred heroes with unique abilities to learn but with about two heroes added each year there are also tons of items and creative ways to use both to achieve the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy teams. Ancient no1 play style is absolute either in the freedom to play creatively keeps dota 2 engaging. Even if you’re not interested in learning all of its heroes and roles, constant updates and seasonal events are helpful in retaining player interest too. These updates aren’t just for balance though there have been several game-changing updates since dota 2 first came out of beta in 2013, and the latest massive patch that altered some fundamentals of the game is one of the most exciting yet with so much constantly changing in the meta and an interesting professional seem to help interpret those changes. It’s fun to keep coming back to dota 2.

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