Top 15 Best OFFLINE Games for Android & iOS in 2020-part two

Part ONE!

Onto number 10 we have happy wheels. Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics web game created by fancy force. Happy wheels features countless characters and vehicles to unlock. In each level of happy wheels is a brand new experience. Survive deadly traps hazards and even your own bite turning against you as you battle to reach the finish line of each stage, though filled with blood and gore this dark and tricky physics-based puzzling arcade game can be funny for some yet horrifying for others. Happy wheels is an extremely popular game that has been played by many famous youtubers including PewDiePie so you can imagine how great the game must be and why people like it so much.

Moving to number nine we have human gang. This is a fighting and puzzle solving game which is a little bit like human fall flat. In the human game, you solve logical and physical puzzles and have to fight against gangs using whatever means are at hand even transport you can pick up anything from your surroundings to hit your enemies with or to use to solve the puzzles. The main character of this game is like a jelly man which is quite similar to the character from human fall flat.

Next at number eight, it’s my diggie dog. This is an offline puzzle-based game developed by King bird games. The game follows the story of a brave archaeologist dog named Marty. The gameplay combines the genres of digger and platformer. During Christopher and Marty’s adventure, the player explores dungeons full of challenging puzzles while finding a variety of items like equipment and countless artifacts and a larger space for making new discoveries. Overall the game is a joy to play with both good visuals and sound effects.

At number 7 it’s a two-player minigame. This is an offline multiplayer game that allows two people to play simultaneously. The format of the game is such that it divides the screen into two parts one side for one player and the other side for the other player. There are so many games available to play in this game which makes it even more awesome. For those sorts of people who really like to play these kinds of games another great thing is that many of the games allow you to play against AI so no friend is required. Right now this game is available for both Android and iOS so definitely check it out.

Up to number six, it’s next-gen 4×4 off-road. This is a simulator game where you drive your vehicle offroad in extreme conditions like in mud or over a rock the game features realistic car physics, dirt, rain, snow, and fog. Each level has different weather conditions which can make driving an SUV more difficult, but at the same time the realistic car suspension will please you. If you have any difficulties passing over a hill using the low gear will always help. You can also explore the world in free mode where you’ll find exciting missions that will help you understand what real off-roading is like.

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