Top 15 Best OFFLINE Games for Android & iOS in 2020-part three

Part two is HERE!

On to number five we have wonder dragons. Wonder dragons is a casual match puzzle game where you complete levels by tapping on colored cubes to move them across a game board In order to try to match two or more of the same color. When a match is made those cubes are eliminated from the board and replaced with new ones. Matches of five or more cubes will create unique cubes like rockets bombs and disco balls, these act as power-ups, with larger board clearing the abilities there are various goals that must be completed with a fixed number of moves, or in a limited amount of time. During the game, you will also have to decorate the home of your dragon.

Next we’re at number three with star way. Sar way is a fast-paced interstellar space puzzle game with unique arcade grappling movement. In this game you take on the role of a tiny astronaut a member of a great space team whose entire future depends on restoring all his potato chips which were accidentally scattered across space. While carrying out his space puzzles the player has to avoid a variety of obstacles, in addition to collecting potato chips, try to collect as many bonus stars as you can. These allow you to buy new space team characters that have various special abilities.

Moving along at number 2 let’s talk about unknown fate. It’s an enigmatic story driven action-adventure single-player game that is set in a surreal world full of mind-twisting puzzles and bizarre creatures. The story is highly detailed and constantly shrouded in mystery. The main character whose name is revealed to be Richard is plagued with amnesia the events that occur as he travels forward all seemed to happen suddenly and by complete chance. In its current state there’s still work that needs to be done on the game, a lack of polish prevents it from being a completely altogether solid gaming experience combined with shoddy voice acting and tricky physics. It’s one I recommend hesitantly it’s a bit like trying to recall a years-old memory that may sting a little when brought to the surface.

Finally, at number one it’s Pascal’s wager. This is an action role-playing game in the style of a dark fantasy. The game provides its players with top-notch picture quality and a feast for the senses that has never been achieved by the mobile platform before. In the game, the world is shrouded in a darkness where the light is dim and mysterious people there become lunatics, and nobody seems to know the reason why. Players are able to play multiple characters as they experience the strong storyline and reveal previously hidden areas of the map. Along the way you’ll fight against unbelievable enemies, confront epic bosses, and embrace overwhelming truth and death all the while you’ll be immersed in a magnificent soundtrack performed by a world-class pour caster.

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