Top 15 Best OFFLINE Games for Android & iOS in 2020-part one

These days almost all mobile games are becoming online, and finding good offline games can be very difficult. So here are the 15 best offline games of the month for you to enjoy.

Starting at number 15, it’s overly. In overly you race to win against your opponent. During the race you’re given different power-ups such as bombs balls rockets and shields, which you have to use to win the race and defeat your opponent. The game has beautiful graphics but there is only one map however there’s also a variety of racing cars available which promises to make this game very fun for you.

Up to number 14 its sins of Miami, this is an open-world game where you’re out for revenge against the Mafia dawn who killed your innocent family members. In this game you have to hit mafia gang members, steal cars, rob banks and many more similar types of missions. The graphics and theme of this game are both on par with GTA vice city. The map of the city is large and there’s plenty of stuff to do in the game.

Next on the number 13 where we have war tortoise 2. This is an offline idle game where you have to capture territory and shoot down the other mighty war tortoises and bugs. The graphics look pretty good and it looks even more impressive at night with the rain effect. You can also build your powerful army to fight against your enemy, as well as defend your territory. Overall the game is good and has a unique concept.

Moving along to number 12 it’s Streets of Fire. This is an open-world game with a huge map where you can do anything, for example, you can steal a car or you can kill someone, and the more crimes you commit the more your wanted level will increase, causing the police to come and arrest you. There are a variety of vehicles, weapons, and skins, making the game very impressive. Frankly, I really enjoyed playing this game a lot but if there were more missions in the game then I think I would have enjoyed it even more.

Next at number 11 its vengeance. This is a single-player RPG that immerses you in a compelling story accompanied by beautiful music and a stunning atmosphere. The game has lots of quests to complete and along your journey you will be rewarded with legendary and mythical items, however, to achieve them you must face many difficult battles with a variety of monsters and other enemy bosses. From a technical standpoint, the game’s graphics are decent, the lighting in dark effects makes this game feel very unique. right now vengeance is available for free so you should definitely give this game a shot.

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