The Witness to Include VR Support

Jonathan Blow is planning to include VR support in his upcoming game, The Witness.

The Witness

Reddit user notanastroturfer picked up on a comment by Jonathan Blow on a recent Twitch stream, confirming VR support for The Witness.

“We’ll do some kind of VR support, yeah,” Blow said. “I don’t know how good it’ll be.”

Part of his hesitation seems to stem from the fact that The Witness was not created from the ground up for VR, but he points out that the game’s slow pace will lend itself to a positive VR experience. “It’s about wandering around and seeing the environment at your own pace, and that’s something that works really well in VR.”

Blow’s full comments can be heard at the 3:28 mark on this archived Twitch clip. The Witness is Blow’s followup to the indie hit, Braid. No release date has been set, but the title has been confirmed for both PC and PS4.

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